Why Urbemex

We offer integral solutions for your construction project during all the stages of the project.

Planning stage:

  • Personalized assessment during the project’s execution for project optimization and changes.
  • Collaboration of specialists in every area of construction such as HVAC, Electricity, Walling, Hydro-mechanical structures.
  • Budget time requested by the client.
  • We contribute with the sustainable development of the Social, Economic and Environmental Environment (ESR, socially responsible company).

Execution Stage:

  • We have professionals for construction site direction.
  • The construction works are regulated by the best international practices through a quality system that ensures compliance to requirements, specifications, laws and an optimal use of resources.

Folow-up Stage:

  • We guarantee the equipment of special and permanent installations.
  • Monitoring and training in equipment maintenance.



To offer total satisfaction to our clients, rendering services that fulfill all their needs, with trained personnel and committing ourselves to:

  • Understanding and covering properly the requirements agreed on with the client and working to understand and exceed their expectations in order to add value.
  • A strictly compliance of the personnel with their role within the organization.
  • Performing the activities the right way from the beginning (waste reduction).
  • The continuous improvement of our process.
Enduring infrastructure